Picture Books

Written and Illustrated by Jeyanthi Manokaran
Copyright © - Scholastic, India

…Page 6

'Cuckrukoo!' crowed the Cock in Bopu's ear. But Bopu did not stir.

'CUCKRUKOO!' he screamed angrily.

Bopu twitched his ears and slept on.

Page 7

The women brought water from the river and threw it on Bopu.

Bopu enjoyed water. He turned and slept on.

Page 8

The men circled around and blew a horn loud in his ear.

It was a lovely lullabye. Bopu slept on.

Page 9

The children pulled his tail and horns. They jumped all over him.

Bopu felt soothed by the massage. He smiled in his dreams…